One of our relatives wrote to us to say they had questions about the honeymoon registry, so I wrote back with the following:

The prices listed at our Honeyfund registry are generally “each” – ie: 2 tickets for Billy Elliot at $90 each. For things like the hotel, it’s $65/night for both Packy and myself, so essentially each purchase of $65 will fund one night of our 7 night stay in Chicago.

For checkout, from the “Quantity” drop down menu beside each item you select to purchase however many of an item you wish. The total will be put in the cart for you. No paypal? No problem. After you’ve clicked ‘continue’ you will be taken to a page that gives you three options for checkout. Click on the icon for whichever method you choose- check (which you can mail or bring to the wedding), cash (which can be given to us directly at the wedding) or Paypal.

One of the best parts of Honeyfund is that, upon purchase, you can also select to print a ‘certificate’ for the couple which lists exactly what you purchased for them. You can stick this certificate in a card and give that to the couple on their wedding day. I really love the idea of guests being able to say that they contributed a *specific* part of the Honeymoon rather than just added their money to an anonymous collection of checks.

Hope this helps! Let me know if anything else is unclear! 🙂

I figured I’d post it to the blog in case anyone else had these questions.