[ written 11:30pm CDT … ]

Feeling rather bittersweet tonight. It’s hard to believe we’re heading home tomorrow. Guess that means it’s really complete now, yes? And I don’t just mean the honeymoon. We’ve been on a bit of a crazy tilt-a-whirl for most of this year between wedding saving, planning, scheduling and… oh yeah. The same set of tasks for this lovely 7 day Chicago excursion.

But we got through all of it and now we can (sort of?) relax!

It hit me tonight while we were out on the last major planned event- a sunset cruise on Lake Michigan. Looking back at the Chicago skyline made me so happy. I didn’t want it to end. I have told Packy many times that I would want nothing else in life if I could own a home on a lake and swim in/boat on/relax by that lake every day (excluding the summer months when that would be somewhat ill-advised, I suppose… an iced-over pond does not a relaxing swim make).

And… okay, I suppose it’s not just the pond. I’ve oft talked about a pony… and an estate…

But that’s for another time, isn’t it?! 🙂

I kid. (Though if anyone has a spare pony laying about, email me! lol)

[ continued 8:16am CDT … ]

Aaaaalmost done packing now. Thanks again for all of your generous contributions to the honeymoon fund to make this entire excursion happen, friends! It’s been a wonderfully memorable week and we couldn’t have done this without you!

OH! A note for ya: Even though the honeymoon is over, keep checking back in here over the next few days. We have a LOT of pictures that still need uploading, plus I’m sure Packy still has a final journal entry or two to contribute.

And of course the big plus about the lovely creation known as “INTERNET” is that you can come back and visit this website any time you want! It’ll be here. Heck, any time I want to relive bits of my honeymoon, all I have to do is pull up this site and read away… rolling my eyes at my grammar mistakes… slight spelling gaffes…

Whoops! Being pulled out the door!

Again- THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!