Okay, I don’t have much time to write since Packy and I are about to hit the beach… then Wrigley Field for the afternoon Cubs game… then god knows where, then god knows where else–

Oh. Sorry. Wrong thing. It’s just… you know. 😉

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that I put up my photos from the CHICAGO Theater tour yesterday. Since I’m still working on a top-secret project that this is related to, I’ll only say that yesterday’s tour was MUCHO inspiring and, quite frankly, the best thing I could have done for my work. Balaban & Katz sure knew how to make a HECK of a gorgeous theater. I wish more people appreciated the craftsmanship that went in to creating these gorgeous old buildings. Sometimes the show isn’t only on the stage, you know.

Next time you visit an old theater to see a show… look around you a bit, eh? That’s my word of wisdom for the day.

7/22/10 Touring the CHICAGO Theatre