Caterer count!


As of Saturday’s mail (which we got when we got in about a half-hour ago), we’ve had 71.67% of the people we invited return our RSVPs. We’ve determined that another 7.37% of them are definitely coming, and we’re guessing that another 30% of the remaining people will wind up coming. This means that we’re telling the caterer that we’ll be feeding 110 people, which is a comfortable number for us to seat in the hall.

58.4% response rate!


Which means there’s only 73 people who we have to guess about whether they’re coming to the wedding or not! But not to worry, we’ve got another, what? Two days until the RSVP deadline?

Fun, fun, fun!

Eh, I’m not sweating it. When it comes time to give a number to the caterer, I’m just going to multiply the number of people who’ve responded by 1.25, round up to the nearest multiple of ten, and call it a day. If people show up who hadn’t RSVPed, they’ll have to be satisfied with eating what’s left over after the people who did RSVP have had their fill. I mean, that’s only fair, right?

Oh, and I think we’re at the point where if all 73 people respond to say they’re coming, we’ll be able to seat them all. It’ll be tight, but I think we can do it.

Today’s responses: 49.86%


We got three more in the mail today, bringing the total response rate up to 49.86%.  I think if we get one more RSVP tomorrow, we’ll break 50%!

47% reponse!


We’ve almost got half the RSVPs back!  Hopefully, we’ll get a lot more this week…

We’re getting responses!


As of the mail today, we have 23% of the people we’ve invited accounted for (we have a yea/nea vs. no response whatsoever). I’m still nervous, because if everybody who hasn’t responded yet tells me they’re coming then we’ll have to have them overflowing into the kitchen of the hall, but of all the problems I could have, too many people wanting to come to my wedding is a good one. 🙂

Oh, and one more thing…


If you’re a relative, and you haven’t been invited, it’s because we don’t have your address, and our mothers are going crazy trying to find your address.

So be a dear and drop them a line.

Almost all the invitations are out…


Some people have been making a big deal of who got invitations before other people, and Kay and I would like to set the record straight: the first invitations to go out were the ones for people who lived furthest away from the church where we’re having the wedding, not who was more important or who we wanted to see most. In fact, our parents’ invitations just went out, and I don’t think anyone will take offense if I say we love them the most.

We prioritized people who lived the furthest away because we knew they’d need to make travel plans, book hotel rooms and the like. Our friends and family who live in the Capitol District can just wander over to the church the afternoon of the wedding. 🙂

Invitations are starting to roll out via post…


I know we’re supposed to have the invitations out two months before the wedding, but we’ve been so busy with Judgement at Nuremberg and completing the move from our old apartment to the new one that we haven’t been able to do much else.

However, Kay is putting together and posting invitations as we speak.  We’re sending out the ones for people who will be travelling in from out of town first, so please be patient with us…

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