Directions to the Reception

From the back of the Church

  • Walk out the front door of the church.
  • Go down the stairs.  Make a left.
  • Walk to the corner, about 20 feet.
  • Walk about 50 feet to the entrance to the hall.  Turn left.
  • Enter the hall, and proceed up the steps.

From the front of the Church

  • Walk forward and to the left.  You’ll see a door.
  • Go down the steps and make a right.

From anywhere else

Our Wedding Photographer: YOU!

packy : 31 March, 2010 12:59 am : Ceremony, Main Page, Reception

Since we want to spend most of our money on feeding all the guests at our wedding, Kay and I have decided that one of the things we’re not going to do is have a professional photographer recording the event.  This would cost us a minimum of a thousand dollars, and while it may result in fabulous photos, we think we’ve got a better idea: Crowdsourcing.

A lot of people are going to have cameras at our wedding, and they’ll be taking pictures anyway.  Why not have everybody who takes pictures upload them to a central photo gallery, so we can all share?  This way, Kay and I get pictures of our wedding and reception from more angles than a professional photographer could get.

I’ve set up a photo gallery on the wedding website, and anybody who wants to can request a login to upload photos.  I’m still figuring out the particulars of integrating the gallery into this WordPress website, but I’ll have it straightened out soon enough.

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Caterer count!

packy : 29 March, 2010 12:07 am : Invitations, Main Page, Reception

As of Saturday’s mail (which we got when we got in about a half-hour ago), we’ve had 71.67% of the people we invited return our RSVPs. We’ve determined that another 7.37% of them are definitely coming, and we’re guessing that another 30% of the remaining people will wind up coming. This means that we’re telling the caterer that we’ll be feeding 110 people, which is a comfortable number for us to seat in the hall.

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