Well, we left the house at 8AM this morning, and we drove and drove and drove, and finally, 14 hours later, we’re here in Chicago and checked into our hotel.

The highlight of the day was the stop we made in Elkhart, IN. Kay had been on the phone recording her radio show, Exposed!, from 6:00PM until 7:30PM, so I wasn’t able to stop for gas, and by the time we got to Elkhart we were running on fumes.  We hit the first gas station we saw after exiting the highway and filled up.  Once our car’s hunger pangs were assuaged, our own tummies started rumbling, so we headed out down the road to find someplace to eat.

We saw a couple restaurants, but then we spied something special: The Simonton Lake Drive-In.  It was an old-fashioned drive-in with homemade ROOT BEER!!!  Kay and I ordered two burgers, some fries and onion rings, and two frosted mugs of root beer.  It was all quite delicious, and it took me back to my childhood in the 1970s when my parents used to take me to an A&W Drive-In in Whitehall, NY.

So now it’s time for Kay and I to get to bed and get some sleep, because tomorrow’s our first full day in CHICAGO!